She said YES!

Our Stylists are on point when it comes to the latest and greatest trends in Special Occasion Hair and 

Airbrush Makeup. Please contact us regarding our Wedding Pricing Menu for Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings as well as on location pricing. 

 At The Vanity Room, we love to host bridal parties!

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The Bride's Hair & Makeup 

Bridal Hair  *$112 & up

(Friday or Saturday Wedding)

Bridal Airbrush Makeup *$75 

(Friday or Saturday Wedding)

Bridal Hair  *$125 &up


Bridal Airbrush Makeup *$85


The Bridal Party Hair 

Bridal Party Hair *$96 & up

(Friday or Saturday Wedding)

Bridal Party Hair *$106 & up


Wedding Day Add Ons..

Wash & Blow-day w/Style *$55 & up

(Friday or Saturday Wedding)

Wash & Blow-dry w/Style

*$65 & up


Airbrush Makeup Application..for everyone BUT the Bride :)

Airbrush Makeup Application $65

(Date night & Prom)

Bridal Party Airbrush Makeup *$65

(Friday or Saturday Wedding)

Bridal Party Airbrush Makeup *$75


Makeup Add Ons...

False Eyelashes *$15

(*We only apply eyelashes that we retail)

Airbrush Makeup Application is also available for blending tan lines, reducing redness and skin imperfections on chest, shoulders and back.

*$12 & up

All lipstick that we use is available for retail, please ask!

A girl should be two things