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The following are *starting prices for our Stylists. Each Stylist pricing will vary depending on the demand of their time, product used and prior consultation with the Stylist.

Women's Hair Cut

*$45 wash, cut & blow-dry

*$37 chemical cut (added onto a chemical service at time of service) blow-dry included.

Men's Hair Cut

*$20 wash included

Ask about Color Camo! *$13 additional

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Tween Girl (11-14 years old)

Girls 15-17 years old

**Please note we cannot accommodate children under 11 years old.

Tween *$23 wash, cut NO blow-dry 

Tween *$26 wash, cut, & blow-dry 

Girls 15-17 years old  *$40 & up wash, cut & blow-dry or additional styling

Tween Boys Haircut 

(11-17 years old)

**Please note we cannot accommodate children under 

11 years old.

Tween *$20 wash & cut

Wash & Blow-dry

*$30 & Up wash & blow-dry

price adjusted accordingly to length of hair.

Additional styling (curls, flat iron, etc)


Root Retouch

*$77 includes up to 4oz of color

Additional color $10 per bowl

Corrective Color



 Partial Foil *$88 & up

Full Foil *$98 & up

Low Lights *$13 & up

Accent Foils *$25 & up


Partial Balayage *$90 & up

Full Balayage *$110 & up

*Toning may be required, $20 per 2oz

Keratin Smoothing Treatment


HotHeads Hair Extensions


Wax Bar

 Lip $7

Brow wax & Shaping $10

Chin $7

What our customers are saying

Fantastic Stylists and Makeup Artists! You will love all of the girls, each one has her own expertise! If you don't already have the honor of being one of their clients, get in there, your hair will thank you!

Kim C.-Client